Physical therapy for seniors in New York is quite beneficial. It helps them retain mobility, so they maintain their independence. It reduces mental and physical pain while improving strength and balance. 

Some seniors are unable to get out of the house to get the physical therapy care they need. Fortunately, there are services that provide in-home physical therapy care. Read on to find out the benefits of In-Home Physical Therapy for Seniors in New York.

What are the Benefits of In-Home Physical Therapy for Seniors in New York?

Physical therapy for seniors in New York comes with its share of benefits. Here are some to consider. 

Prevents Falls and Injuries

As people get older, they lose muscle mass which causes problems with balance and gait. Physical therapy helps them retain muscle mass, so they are less likely to fall and get injured. 

Eliminates the Need for Them to Leave Their Home

It is difficult for many seniors to leave their homes. This can be due to difficulty driving, disabilities, illness, injury, and other factors. An in-home physical therapist eliminates the need for them to commute. It provides the care they need in the comfort of their own home. 

Improves Mental Health

Many seniors become depressed when they get older due to failing health, isolation, and more. Physical therapy promotes activity which boosts endorphins and improves mental health. This makes it a vital part of their routine. 

Promotes Independence

Physical therapy helps seniors stay strong and physically fit. As a result, they are better able to perform everyday tasks. This allows them to remain independent in their twilight years. 

Assists with Pain Management

Seniors deal with a variety of health conditions, such as arthritis, nerve pain, headaches, muscular issues, and more. Physical therapy teaches them exercises that minimize pain. This, in turn, reduces their reliance on medications that can cause unwanted side effects. 

Speeds Up Recovery Time

Physical therapy increases blood flow which aids with the healing process. It also reduces inflammation and prevents scar tissue from forming and interfering with mobility and recovery. It teaches seniors to move properly, so they avoid further injury. 

Boosts Immunity

Many seniors have weakened immunity. Exercise mobilizes immune system cells helping the body defend itself against pathogens. Therefore, those who exercise regularly tend to have fewer illnesses and less systemic inflammation. 

Physical Therapy for Seniors in New York

If you are looking for an in-home provider for physical therapy for seniors in New York, Quality Healthcare is here to help. We are a licensed home care agency providing care in all five New York boroughs. Our caregivers live up to high-quality standards and are dedicated to improving the well-being of clients and their families. 

Quality Healthcare provides more than just physical therapy. We also assist with daily living activities, take care of light housekeeping, and can help with transportation and errands. We specialize in health complications such as Alzheimer’s dementia and cancer. 

We provide in-home physical therapy for seniors in New York and so much more. Contact us to find out what we have to offer. 

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