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If your loved one is getting older, you may consider elderly care New York City options. There are several options to choose from. For example, you can opt for nursing home care or in-home care. In-home care can be provided part-time, full-time, or on a live-in 24-hour basis.


Who is Live-In Care Right For?

 Live-in care is not for every senior. However, it can be ideal for seniors that:

· Live alone: Seniors who live alone may not have anyone to care for them. As they age, you may find yourself rushing home from work to attend to their needs. You may miss work and lose sleep because you must attend to their needs. Live-in elderly care will make your life less stressful.

· Are suffering from a medical condition: Seniors with medical conditions often require round-the-clock care. A caregiver may be necessary to ensure they follow their treatment plans. They can also prevent dangerous situations.


What are the Benefits of Live-In Care?

· Reduces family stress: Families can sleep easy knowing someone is available to care for their loved one round the clock.

· More pleasant for seniors: Most seniors prefer to age in place. They prefer getting older in familiar surroundings near the people they love. Live-in services allow them to receive the care they need in the comfort of their homes.

· Improves Mental and Physical Health: Seniors with live-in caregivers experience better mental and physical health. The companionship reduces feelings of depression and isolation. The caregiver will also ensure they follow their doctor’s treatment plans, integrate a healthy diet and exercise routine, and avoid dangerous situations.


Save Money By Becoming a CDPAP Caregiver in New York City

There is one major downside of live-in elderly care-the expense. Round-the-clock care is costly. By becoming a CDPAP caregiver, New York City families can save on caregiving expenses.

CDPAP is a Medicaid program that allows close relative to get paid for caring for their loved ones. They do not need to have any licensing or certification. The program helps elderly relatives maintain independence, hire someone who understands them, and work out a flexible schedule.

You and your loved one must meet certain requirements to qualify for the CDPAP program. Visit the website for more information. 


Discover the Importance of Live-In Elderly Care in New York. 

Quality Healthcare is a Preferred Choice for Elderly Care in New York City

Quality Healthcare is a top choice for elderly care in New York City. Our 25 years of experience ensures our clients are well cared for. Our caregivers undergo yearly training to ensure they meet our high standards. We provide specialized services for clients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, and other health conditions.

We also work with the CDPAP program. We can provide relatives with the training they need to qualify. We will help your family enjoy the benefits of reduced expenses and compassionate care.

Quality Healthcare is here for you and your family. Reach out to learn more about our comprehensive services.

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