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Like all aspects of the medical industry, elderly care is rapidly evolving. AI is a technology that is shaping the face of caregiving services. It can monitor vitals, track activities, and more.

Quality Healthcare strives to stay on top of the latest trends. Read on to learn how our elderly care home in New York City services benefit from AI solutions.   

How AI is Transforming the Elderly Care Home New York City Industry

Tracking Activity

AI sensors can track senior activity. Sensors can be installed on the tops of doors in rooms to monitor movements. They can send alerts if they detect deviations from normal behavior.

Wearable devices can also track activity. They can be worn on the senior’s dominant arm to determine when they are eating and using the toilet. They can ensure the person follows healthy behavior patterns.

Fall Detection

Sensors and cameras can detect falls that can lead to injuries. If a fall is detected, staff can be alerted so they can see to the patient’s needs. They can care for the senior’s injuries immediately and prevent more severe medical conditions.

Tracking Vitals

AI can monitor a senior’s vital signs. It can detect low and high blood sugar, abnormal heart rate, and irregular breathing. It can alert medical staff so they can see to the patient’s needs right away.

Medication Management

Seniors often have complicated medication schedules and may forget to take their required doses. AI systems can ensure they take their medications on time. They help the patient maintain their treatment schedule.

Aids with Social Isolation

Many seniors feel lonely, depressed, and anxious. AI-powered companion robots can provide emotional support. They can encourage seniors to engage in activities and improve mental health.

Benefits of AI in Elderly Care

· Frees Up Caregivers: Caregiving is a stressful job. It can be incredibly taxing for family members such as a CDPAP caregiver New York City Medicaid provides for elderly residents. In-home aides can rest easy knowing they will be alerted in worst-case scenarios. It frees up their time so they can focus on other concerns.

· Improves Health Outcomes: AI tools alert family members and caregivers in a medical emergency so they can call for help quickly. They reduce hospitalization rates and are conducive to better health outcomes.

· Saves Money: AI devices are often expensive, but they can be a cheaper alternative to doctor visits and medical emergencies that would be necessary without the devices.

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Quality Healthcare is a Preferred Choice for Elderly Care Home in New York City

Quality Healthcare is a recommended provider of elderly care homes in New York City. We are on top of the latest trends. We integrate technology into many of our services, including assistance with daily living activities, light housekeeping, and transportation.

We can also assist you with the CDPAP caregiver process. We can help your family enroll with Medicaid and guide you through the evaluation process. We will assist you in navigating the system so you can get the low-cost care you need.

Contact us to learn more about our advanced services and training options.

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