CDPAP for Home Care in New York City

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need extra assistance. Home care is a good solution because it allows seniors to age in place. It’s a preferred option because it increases mental wellness and is less expensive than a residential facility. But even though home care may be less expensive than residential care, it’s still unaffordable for many. That’s where the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) comes in. It allows seniors to choose their caregivers from a group of family and friends; Plus, the caregivers get paid for their time. Read on to learn more about CDPAP for home care in New York City.

What is CDPAP for Home Care in New York City?

CDPAP for Home Care in New York City allows people that are eligible for Medicaid to choose their caregivers. They can hire friends or family members, eliminating any uncomfortable feelings that may arise when working with strangers. It also cuts down on language barrier issues.

What are the Requirements for Enrolling in CDPAP?

The requirements for enrolling in CDPAP are as follows:

· The individual must be of sound mind.

· They will be responsible for choosing (and terminating) their caregiver

· They must live in the state of New York

· They must be enrolled in Medicaid

· They must have been diagnosed with a medical condition

What is the Enrollment Process?

Individuals can enroll on our website. A nurse will come to your home to make sure you are eligible. They will also determine how many hours of care you need each week.

Once enlisted, you can choose your caregiver. You can choose from friends and relatives. They will not need any licensing or certification. The only person who will not be eligible is your spouse.

If approved, your care will be free. Your caregiver will be paid for their time, and you can work out a schedule best suited to your lifestyle. Most training is provided by the patient, following their needs.

Quality Healthcare Can Help You with the CDPAP Process

If you feel the CDPAP for Home Care in New York City is right for you, Quality Healthcare can walk you through the entire process.

We will help enroll your family members with Medicaid and pooled income trust services, free of charge. We guide you through the evaluation process to determine your eligibility and the number of care hours you’re allocated, as well as continued check-in throughout your experience.

If the service doesn’t work out, we can send one of our aides to provide the service you need. We can help with daily activities, light housekeeping, transportation, and errands. Our caregivers are well-trained, compassionate, and ready to serve you.

Money shouldn’t be a factor in getting the help you need. Contact Quality Healthcare to find out how we can help enroll you in CDPAP for Home Care in New York City. Or find out about the affordable care we offer.

Contact us to learn how we can improve your loved one’s quality of life.

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